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We are the only state-wide casino gaming publication casino visitors turn to!

The Arizona Gaming Guide is the only free monthly publication created by Slot Machine Game Designers and Casino Experts. Filled with hints, tips, secrets and advice on all casino games, it is for casino visitors and casino game fanatics alike, discussing Slot Machines, Video Slots, Reel Slots, Live and Electronic Table Games and so much more!

As Slot Machine Game Designers, we bring you everything you ever wanted to know about slot machines & casinos! Based on our many years of experience designing slot games for slot companies and our connections at casinos, the public finally gets a glimpse into the secrets behind video slots, reel slots, casinos and casino games!

A monthly magazine about what’s hot, what’s not, what’s in, and what’s a guaranteed win written with the casino visitor in mind. The can’t put it down, have to have it, take it home, read it from front to back cover magazine delivering content every casino visitor wants to know. Written by experts in the casino gaming industry that are spin for spin in sync with the readers. We provide comprehensive content with a focus on slot machines!

FEATURES: We love to do bright and colorful feature story spreads on our casino and gaming industry sponsors, interviews with distinguished gaming executives, history of gaming, responsible gaming, new technology, the slot machine design and development process and so much more.

GREAT GAMES: We feature game reviews on the hottest new slot machines, table games, bingo and keno games to hit the casino floors, but we also search for and do write-ups on the old “tried and true” favorites as well.

WINNING WAYS: Optimal betting techniques and strategies, receiving the most benefits from the player’s club, avoiding the bankroll blues, reading body language at the poker table and getting hints from a slot machine’s help screen are just a sample of some of the exciting topics we cover in this section.

GAMING NEWS: The casino buzz, new game technology, highlights from trade shows and industry news are a few of the many interesting facts readers enjoy in this section and share with their friends and family.

FUN FACTS: For all our trivia enthusiasts, this is a light and entertaining section on obscure gaming related facts and infor-mation, lucky charms and superstitions.

REGULAR RESPINS: Recurring monthly columns such as the ever popular “Players Talk” and “Sami’s Smackdown” give readers the chance to write in their questions as well as their rants, raves, and reflections on everything gaming with printed responses given by casino industry professionals. The challenging “Fun & Games” column introduces a new Sudoku every month along with various other brain teasers, crosswords, and puzzles!

TRIBAL GAMING: Based on reader requests and the staff’s pro-Tribal Gaming beliefs, we present Tribal history, culture, news, and charitable contributions all in an educational but interesting and informative way.

SLOT TOURNAMENTS: Slot enthusiasts want to know where and when they can enjoy a little friendly competition while gunning for a big prize! We are the only media outlet to provide a comprehensive listing with detailed information.

CASINO DIRECTORY: Property specific descriptions including contact info, games, and establishment amenities. Now, we’ve made it even bigger, better, and easier to navigate!

CASINO DINING: The January 2012 issue brought the first casino restaurant listing to our publication and to the state. We are the only media outlet with a casino dining section, themed by cuisine, occasion, location, and more. The layout is much more than a simple list! This one-of-a-kind section has quickly become a new hit with readers.

CASINO ENTERTAINMENT: From concerts to karaoke to casino lounge entertainment, our listing has it all! In January 2012, we innovated even further with a new layout and an “Editor’s Pick” to keep it interesting and fun.

CASINO BINGO OPTIONS: Come on bingo caller, make us holler! We know bingo is a big draw for many properties and, traditionally, most bingo players are also crossover slot players. Besides the extensive bingo schedule, readers also enjoy our write-ups on the unique games, progressives, music, and special events!

CASINO NIGHT LIFE: Many casino properties have far more to offer their patrons than just entertainment. We cover the clubs, DJs, pool parties, special events, and all kinds of activities for the young and young at heart.

HOT DEALS: Who doesn’t love a hot deal? We make sure our readers know where they can get the best deals on dining, lodg-ing, golf, entertainment, casino promotions, and so much more! This sizzling new section has generated a lot of excitement amongst our readers, because they keep e-mailing us to include even more hot offers!

WINNERS & JACKPOTS: Everyone loves to hear winning stories! We present the latest big jackpot totals and any winners here in the state, or around the country. Recently, several slot WAP links were combined in our state into a huge jackpot amount. We let our fans know right away and wouldn’t you know it, the jackpot was hit within a few days!

TRAVEL: Casino enthusiasts love to travel and experience new gaming options. Besides presenting wonderful day and over-night destinations across the beautiful state of Arizona, this section also includes nearby gaming getaways such as Nevada, New Mexico, California and more for those adventure seekers.

WEBSITE & E-NEWSLETTER TEASERS: These teasers get our readers on the net! We put enticing editorial in print that drives readers to our website and encourages them to sign up for our free e-newsletter for the remaining details which pro-motes growth of our online community and provides additional exposure for all our sponsors.

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